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Commission Info'

An entire custom widget to shamelessly promote my services? I'll take it.

I'm basically always open for an art commission. I don't get commissioned regularly enough at the moment to have any consistent price schemes going, so feel free to drop me a note, tell me what you want, and we can discuss prices and stuff. I tend to take payments through Paypal, rather than points, and there's a chance I might charge a teeny-tiny bit extra for overseas commissions, since Paypal charges a little for those. Nothing major though.

I can keep the commissions private, or post them if you'd like, or you can post them on your account so long as you credit me.

Prices tend to range between about £5 and £30, depending on complexity/number of figures/background/style, etc... But may be slightly more if it's an extremely complex piece, or an entire comic strip.

I will draw-

:bulletgreen: Digital pictures of characters, creatures or scenes of your choice, with price dependent on complexity. If you're considering this, you probably have a good idea already of the kind of stuff I'm good at drawing, but that does not at all mean that I wouldn't be up to trying something new or outside of my usual style.

:bulletgreen: Pencil drawings. The above more or less applies, but pencil sketches would probably be cheaper. If you just want a cheap or quick drawing to help visualise what your idea might look like, or if you're looking for something with a more traditional look, this might be for you. I can also ink them to give cleaner lineart, if you'd like.

:bulletgreen: Avatars, sigs, original characters, fanart, comic strips, more or less any format really. I can even do animated things, so long as they're reasonably simple.

I will NOT draw-

- Any picture which depicts things I would be uncomfortable drawing. Obviously this depends on the specific subject matter, but just to give you an idea-

:bulletred: Sexual or provocative characters/scenarios. That's not to say I won't draw attractive characters, but nothing that's overly explicit. Basically anything which would warrant a mature content tag.

:bulletred: Any other theme I arbitrarily decide I'm uncomfortable with. Please don't take it personally if I'd rather not draw your commission, it's not because I dislike you. If at all possible, I'll let you know if there's any alterations I could make with which I'd be willing to create it.

The more reference and description you provide, the better I can achieve what you want, so please don't be frustrated if I ask incessantly for details and the like, since it's all just in the cause of getting it exactly right.

If you have any other questions or want me to draw something for you, please don't hesitate to drop me a note and I'll get back to you ASAP.
Thanks for all the birthday wishes guys, it means a lot. We didn't do a hell of a lot yesterday, but we went out for dessert, I ate an entire ~4 person sharing dessert by myself, and also bought my first alcoholic drink (which technically I didn't even buy because dad paid for it but OK).

I'd also like to say special thanks to those of you who were awesome enough to go out of your way to make celebratory fanart for me, which was really cool.

Some of the awesome stuff people made:

Epifex Birthday Present by LunarShadowCreations

:iconlunarshadowcreations:'s sweet showcase of some of the characters to appear in my Nuzlocke so far.

Happy Birthday Epifex! by denplaysgames

:icondenplaysgames: made a cool team drawing here, with 20% extra squirrel.

Thomas (epifex) by BroccoliEmiley

:iconbroccoliemiley: also made this awesome portrait.

140719104000731384 by Epifex

Had to stick this one in Stash because it wasn't uploaded on dA, but I'd also like to thank :iconakialyne: for her awesome drawing here. Even if she does call me a nerd, which is totally not true.


Another couple of drawings I had to share came up.

smarty pants by TreeckoTrumpets

:icontreeckotrumpets: drew this awesome portrait of Potema, looking all majestic and stuff.

Happ Birf Epi Nurd by Vertigo-Gal

And of course :iconvertigo-gal: went and captured the face of death.

Anyway, thanks again for all the comments, and those of you who went for llamas as well. I read every one and I really appreciate it.


Epifex's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
Hey there. This is my bio.
I'm a miscellaneous amateur doodler. Most of the stuff I put up on here is cartoony or comic in style, often about video games or just obscure real life stuff, but occasionally I'll post the odd bit of realism and stuff. I'm not really consistent, it's just a nice place to dump my 'art.'

I currently reside in England, in a small, innocuous little town by the name of Abingdon.

I like to doodle and draw things, sometimes to do with video games, sometimes to do with life, sometimes to do with nothing at all. My hobbies also primarily include sleeping and eating.

I'm most definitely not a pro' yet, and I am always conscious of how much room more I have to improve, but that's what keeps me drawing. I look at awesome artists' work and thinking "Some day I'll be making stuff like that."

I read and treasure every single comment I get, be it on my profile or submissions. If I don't respond to your comment, it's not because I don't care, it's probably because I just don't want to seem repetitive by constantly saying "Thanks." It pains me to not respond to so many comments, but I simply can't reply to all of them without starting to sound repetitive or hollow. Rest assured though, if you commented on anything of mine, I definitely did read it, and if you ask me a specific question I'll try my best to always answer.

I like getting into deep philosophical debates that usually escalate way out of control and turn into a flame-war.

If you want to commission a drawing or something that'd be awesome, I can always use the moneys.

I try to return all llamas I receive. Sharing is caring.

I'm well aware that much of my artwork, particularly the older stuff, is not amazing. Many of my older works are so bad that they actually make me cringe, but I'm going to leave them up in most cases instead of just abandoning them. It shows how much I've improved over time, kind of like a visual diary of practice.

Seriously though, that stuff's abysmal. I am very sorry.

Also, I now have a Twitter. No idea what to do with it, or how it works. But at least it's something more interesting to put in the "Your Website" box than just this page. I literally never use this. There's like, no point whatsoever in following me right now. Really. You needn't bother. I post literally nothing.


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