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Hey, thanks for dropping by. Welcome to my bio.

I'm basically your average lazy artist. I like video games, food, sleep and drawing. I'm currently working on my Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke run, which constitutes about 70% of what I'm posting at the minute, but I also like to draw the odd comic or doodle on other things, be they video games, dumb puns, or just mildly amusing stuff going on in my life. I have been known to do drawing livestreams on occasion.

If you don't know what a Nuzlocke is and you're interested, you can find a brief description at

The Nuzlocking community is awesome and y'all should join in the fun.

I usually reside in the innocuous little hovel of a town known as Abingdon, hanging off the crusty rear-end of the much more well known city of Oxford.

For the time being I am studying the ancient art of animation in a university hanging low in the nether-regions of the UK.

I try to read every single comment I receive, be it on my profile or on my submissions. If I don't reply, please don't take it personally, I really do appreciate the input. The fact is though that I cannot possibly reply individually to every single one without sounding extremely repetitive - there are only so many times I can say "Thanks" before I start sounding like a broken record.

That being said, please feel free to post your honest thoughts, critical or otherwise. So long as you're not explicitly rude, I don't mind. I have a pretty straightforward way of typing, but please don't let that put you off talking to me, I like to think I'm fairly easy to get along with. I will also endeavour to answer any specific questions or particularly interesting comments that I can. If you ask a question and I don't answer, please don't feel afraid to ask again; as I said before, I can be forgetful. By all means talk to me in a note if you'd prefer.

I'm generally up for commissions. There's a little more info' on that elsewhere on my profile. Go ahead and drop me a note if you're interested.

I try to always return llamas. Sharing is caring.
I don't generally do those tag journal things though, except for from close friends. That's not to say that you're forbidden to tag me, just please don't take offence if I don't repost it.

I'm totally aware that loooooads of my "art", particularly the older stuff, is horrible. Like, makes-you-throw-up-very-slightly-when-you-see-it horrible. But that's OK, improvement is part of any artist's journey, and you can't improve if you weren't terrible at some point. Something something Einstein quote.

But yeah, keeping up the old detritus preserves a sort of visual diary of my improving over the years, even if it does make the gallery look a little gross and cluttered towards the last page or two. It looks horrible and I'm sorry, but it's all for the grea'er good.

The grea'er good.

If you've read this far and seen some of my stuff and for some reason you somehow haven't already been driven away from boredom, congratulations, and fear not, it's nearly over.

I do have a Tumblr, which I never, ever update. Hell if I know how this damn site works, I just made an account to take the dumb username in case someone else stole it.

This is the end. I'll put you out of your misery now. Go away. Read a book. Find true love. Live your life as you see fit. The world is your shellfish. Find freedom in this canvas.

People who follow my Nuzlocke, how do you prefer my updates? 

280 deviants said Slow and Steady- Longer individual updates, but longer waits in between?
185 deviants said Short and sweet- shorter comics but a bit more frequent?


"I love me some croissant porn."

- DSWalton 16/09/2014

"My entire family is flatulent. I have made a terrible mistake."

- DSWalton 18/09/2014

"My anuses are doing something."

- Akialyne 23/09/2014

"Wish I had some drugs, that'd be nice."

-DSWalton 26/09/2014

"I look like a bimbo."

-Akialyne 27/09/2014

"I don't have enough drugs."

-DSWalton 28/09/2014

"You know what the DS in my name stands for? It stands for Bob Ross."

-DSWalton 29/09/2014

"You can never have too much dick."

-SubArts 29/09/2014

"When I take naps I put my clothes in the lavatory."

-Akialyne 21/10/2014

"The world is full of butlers. You're a butler too and you don't even know it until your master butler comes along."

-Akialyne 25/10/2014

"Bread is sure something I'm going to miss next year. I totally forgot that bread was mostly a french thing."

-Akialyne 02/11/2014


-Akialyne and SubArts 09/11/2014

"I love you. Let us have babies."

-Akialyne 09/11/2014

"Hitler has a moustache... You're growing a moustache...
-Gasp- You are Hitler!"

-Akialyne 16/11/2014

Me- "Yes, I do know what constipation is."
Aki- "No shit."
Me- "Yes, exactly."

-Akialyne and me 29/11/2014

"Mimes invented Skype in World War 1."

-Quilltaz 30/11/2014

"All the green clothes are woven out of wee."

-Vertigo-Gal 21/12/2014

"It's like Oculus Rift but the rift is a giant wound"

-Quilltaz 21/12/2014

"I may be confusing animals with trees."

-Akialyne 23/12/2014


You spend most of your time with me and you haven't noticed my E size boobs ?
I am almost OFFENDED


I just thought you were fat
And they were moobs


Well i'll have you know
I am thin
and have the shape of a baguette
 + melons

-Akialyne 24/12/2014

Me- "Glass is made of sand."
Akialyne- "Wait really?"

-Akialyne 27/12/2014

 "I don't generally check links, unless it's porn."

-ky-nim 03/01/2015

"Petit Filous Motherf***er."

-Roekin 01/03/2015

"Wanna suck my big
Scorpion stinger"

-Mad-Revolution 16/03/2015


-Vertigo-Gal 25/03/2015

"The flesh of thine enemies is always the most succulent."

-YinDragon 14/04/2015

(On the topic of Robin Hood)
"The thing about Prince of Thieves is that it needs more time-travelling."

-YinDragon 24/05/2015

"Don't question her majesty's appetite. She has royal needs."

-Quilltaz 15/08/2015

"I'm not big enough to face Algeria."

-Vertigo-Gal 21/08/2015


-Akialyne upon being knocked out on Smash 4 10/04/2016
Putain de Coups Critiques by Epifex
Putain de Coups Critiques
Did you know that in France, the April Fools' tradition is a bit tamer than other places. Their idea of a prank is to stick paper fish to each others' backs. It's literally called "April fish."

A million thanks to the lovely Akialyne for proofreading (read: practically rewriting) this for me. For all you spoilsports demanding translations instead of manually shoving it into Google, I'll get round to that at some point.


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nuclear-smash Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thomas And Friends Den Emotion 
choo choo
Epifex Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2016  Student General Artist
Listen here you little
nuclear-smash Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:^ )
roobertoober Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wait, have people actually complained about your gallery because you have your older stuff in there? What kind of artist doesn't enjoy seeing their own or someone else's improvements over time?? I'm STILL terrible and I get a wave of pride when I look back at what I drew three years ago compared to where I am now.

Also uh. Big fan. Ilu and stuff.
Epifex Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2016  Student General Artist
Nobody's really complained about it, I just felt like putting that little disclaimer up there. It's just quite a shock if you look back at it, how massively my style has changed and how totally unrelated the old stuff is to the things I do now. The progress is definitely something to be proud of, of course.
TheExosphere Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my god Epi I used to drop in on your streams fairly often but disappeared off DA for a few months a while back and now I've wandered back on a new account and your art is frikkin' bangin' dude. You were making some decent improvement at the time but it's been a huge difference since then! Awesome stuff
Epifex Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2016  Student General Artist
Thanks dude! I'm on a sort of a hiatus right now but come summer stuff's gonna get good again.
LiesEagle Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Just love your profile pic with the squirell
matrix2507 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2016
Your nuzlocke series is awesome man. i love when artist do one of those and draw theire own spin on it. its always so nice, love potemas and dusty in particular :P
CryoCrystal23 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
You don't have to give me an exact number or even answer it but I'm super curious, how high was the death count in your Nuzlocke?
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